Monday, September 15, 2008

NiKe 5 BaLl new futsal ball..
but the picture is different from mine..
mine is white and yellow..
nice futsal ball..
easy to control..
easy to dribble..
it improve my skill..
(did it really improve my skill..hahaha)
i bought it last month..
i bought it so that i can play with my friends in fasting month..
so what..
if u are fasting..did u stop playing futsal..
fasting is not reason to stop playing it..

just do it..

Saturday, September 13, 2008

TrIp To PaDdY FiELd

hihi..nice picture huh?..
when it come to a boring moment..ur head will full with stupid and wasting time actvt..
so to keep boring away from me..nah..take my ride and 'merayau2' around paddy field..
ride with my friend..razi..wearing pink shirt..'yuks..feel like gay'..dammit..haha
its about 5 kilometer ride..
wasting time..
wasting money..coz prices of petrol is high..
but feel of happiness..priceless..

*picture taken using N80 (F**k Nokia..~lalala~)

Monday, September 8, 2008

BaZaR RaMaDhAn At KaNgAr

today i went to bazar ramadhan at many people..and so many aweks..ngahaha..nice view..went there after lab with my friend (chibon..xull..eddie..kapua..montok and nasmer)..i bought 'roti john ayam'..'roti jala' and orange juice..nyum2x..but when i want to go back to my motocycle..suddenly its raining heavily..shit..run2x..i run to the toilet near with bazar ramadhan..but i still wet because of wind..after rain stop for a while..i run to get my rain coat at my friend..all my friend put their wallet and handphone inside my bag..if people take that bag..waaa..kaye sial..after we all went back to kg wai even if its raining..but i am lucky cause i have rain coat..hehe

Saturday, September 6, 2008

My NeW RiDe

thanx god..finally i got my own ride..hehe..

12.30 pm - i woke up..em..they has call me yesterday to take my ride..still thinking..with whom i gonna go the..aah..jeri..when to his house and ask him to go with me..

2.30 pm - want to go to the shop..suddenly its i gonna went there..

4.30 pm - still raining..huhu

5.00 pm - finally rain seem like to stop..ahh..lantak la..we went to shop to get my ride..i have to pay RM3900 for my ride..i bought it cash..tatot gile..all the cash money i put inside my pocket..if i got robbed..dont know what to do..wuuwuwu..

6.00 pm - dont care its raining or not..i just ride my new motocycles with proud..haha

Friday, September 5, 2008

BoWliNg ToUrNeY

last week bowling tourney..ngahaha..only got 5th place..what can we do..we try our best..all this because of 'razi ayam'..hahaha..thanx god...i got 4th place for individual bowler..not to showoff..but..i got it..hahaha..wanna challange me..come on..pick the place and me what u got..hehehe..